Sunday, January 15, 2006

Yo peeps, New Year was ordinary not much happened and since then even less has happened (think that might have something to do with school). School has been crap as usual same hellish amount of homework, same hellish teachers and same hellish problams. Besides all that I have managed to buy, with my 370 quid, a jacket, 3 cd's (one of which was free but won't get into that but am sure Lewis will) and Resident Evil 4 (Lewis don't gloat) and the Matrix:Path of Neo both of which are awesome in diferent ways. Resident Evil will give you nightmares and will generaly scare the crap out o u but is lightend by the egg throughing and the hularious merchant. Matrix is just pure kick-ass fighting amazingness with killer combos (literaly) and the focus moves just rule.

All let you's know if anything exiting happends.


  • School ain't been that bad for me yet really. Resident Evil but? I always knew i was right. And the Matrix, you said you weren't sure! Hehe, silly boy. Silly, cd thieving boy (not really...). Is it still the same stupid three way fancying problem?

    By Blogger Lewis, at 4:24 pm GMT  

  • ye pritty much bt a think nicole is out o the picture now

    By Blogger Mark (Hendy), at 4:08 pm GMT  

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