Friday, December 23, 2005

Well this week was as good as I had expected. On Monday I messed around in school doing not work worth while, on Tusday I went to the "ROCK-X" gig, all the school bands were there and it was SHIT, but the company was good (Nicloe, Sarah, Craig, Declan and Micky). On Wednesday was again the shitest of the shit Ceilidh, again the company was good dance with the beautiful Nicole and Sarah (with the odd Halley and Katie dance), and I was off Tursday and Friday, so all is good on Chistmas Eve Eve


  • Ah, good ol'e christmas eve eve, 'tis always a good day. Mind when we used to say the eve of the eve of the eve of christmas eve? Awesome. Never thought i would read you saying someone was beautiful on the internet. God how things have changed from those old days, eh?

    By Blogger Lewis, at 10:46 pm GMT  

  • Actualy a called 2 peopel beautiful on the internet.

    By Blogger Mark (Hendy), at 8:06 pm GMT  

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