Friday, December 02, 2005

Hi people nothing much has happend in life in condorrat but at school i have started talking to Halley again and I have made some contact with Katie WOOOHOOO!!! We'r not exactly best pals againbut it a step in the right direction, and aparentlyKatie appologised to Matt for being a bitch so we are all talkin again a think, me and Halley are any way. Talk to you's all later.

P.S. Lewis your pals are lame i agree with Paul


  • WOOOOOT WOOOOT! About time as well! The whole thing was stupid, and should have been sorted ages ago, but all of YOUR lame pals were to stupid and "Macho" to say sorry.

    And yes, i did own.

    By Blogger Lewis, at 11:06 am GMT  

  • my pals arent lame they were just seriously pissed off and they would all kill you if you said that to them!

    By Blogger Mark (Hendy), at 9:01 pm GMT  

  • Yea well i haven't and what they were doing was just childish.

    By Blogger Lewis, at 4:12 pm GMT  

  • y r we lame.... *storms of in a lame way*

    By Blogger Craig, at 5:33 pm GMT  

  • LOL!! nice u must b the funny craig

    By Blogger Mark (Hendy), at 9:11 pm GMT  

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