Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Alrighty people i haven't been posting i have been pounded with homework at least an hour a day!!! Next week am going to see the very sexy (as lewis would say) Paul Wealer not the best gig i no but my dad got tickets and he had no one else to go with (aww bless) so i was told to go, i do like some of his songs Changing Man, Wild Woods, Broken Stones they are ok but his new album is crap!

Home work has majorly mucked up time that i could beat Lewis at Pro Eve (just kiddin) i haven't even phoned him this week! (i should realy get round to that)

Anywho al update if anything good happens see ya!


  • Its cool its cool. Ive been drowning in homework (and Swimming) this week so I wouldnt ave been able to come over anyway. What day is the Paul weller gig? Wont be cummin over tonite due to the Old Firm game. Could turn out badly, although weve only bein gettin beat because teams are puttin 5 men in defense, so we cant get through, but use wont do that, coz use will attack. Gong to Badminton on friday so the only day i'll be over is thursday. Sorry! Want to go into town on sunday or something? You've got money havent you? Will speak to you on thursday or now on MSN.

    By Blogger Lewis, at 4:01 pm GMT  

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