Sunday, October 30, 2005

How-day-do-day people i haven't updated in, well, i can't reamember this is what happened anyway.

On the lovely and much need, week off from school i got Mortal Kombat:Shaolin Monks (MKSM) which is the best goar fest in the world you can't even move without some goon to beat-apon. Lewis came over that night highly disapointed the PES 5 hadn't came yet(i laught, but he cried) but despitet that we kicked ass on the co-op mode he went the hat spining, torndo hurting Kung Lao (and lewis that hat is good ok, JUST GOOD) and i went the dragon firing, kick screaming Lui Kang (long live the not zombied one). For 5 days and 5 nights(mainly nights) we kicked ass on that until wee got to the last level and then,*big dramatic pause* we desided it was solid and and left it.

Next day lewis got PES 5 and it tuned out not to suck as much as i first though, and (you will never belive this but) i beat lewis every night since he got it haha, (lifes a bitch lewis) he got realy angry as i somked him for the 5th time (temper temper). That night Craig phoned me to ask me if i wanted to go and see "GOAL" i never fancied it much but i went any way. About 3 minutes later he phoned me again and said that i could stay over and play 5-a-side next day, and obviously i said yes.

On Wednesday i was fashionalbly late(by that i meen 20 minutes) as usual(by this i meen every time). I got on the bus with craig, declan(pal form school), setven and josh(who are also sound) and went into town. We then got our tickets and steven, josh and declan had to then rush off and get a McDonalds as we were already very late, slightly my falt(and by this i meen totaly my falt) leving me and craig to sit in very comfortal chairs unter and massive lamp. When they made there joyful return we went up to the top floor!! and as if that wasn't bad enough, on the outside lift!!!!!!! i was nearly sick. When we got off the lift (thank god) and when into the cinema, the traliors had all ready started (shocking) and we took seats near the back. The movie turned out to be actuly very good (so said everyone else) as we went back to craigs, we played PES 4 until hlaf 3 in the morning and then sat up until hlaf 4, it was class. Next day we went down to Moodiesburn Comunity Center witch was pritty cool all equiped with pool table, computer room and a 5-a-side hall. We lost our first game to the best footballers in moodiesburn (and also who i play with if i'm down)Paul, Ricky, Michael and Joe but then we won the rest. At 4 my mother came and picked me up and that night i slept till about 12 (life is grand).

On the last day of the hoildays i was made to go a mental walk thing on this mountain it was an hour drive but it was cool, jamming out to my new nickleback cd. When we got there we spent most of the time in this stupid we village, it was so crap but eventualy after 3 hour in this dincky little village we went the walk, which was actualy ralther good with water falls and all that but we didn't return to half 7 and i hadn't had dinner ethier, much to later to phone lewis also, so that day was a waste minus the walk.

Next week at school was horrificly, mazinly, tre-men-dosly shocking with at tone (literally) of homework and every time a didn't have homework lewis did, so that cut into me beatin him at PES 5, that week was so boaring.

Today i plan to play footy (if it dosn't rain) and beat lewis some more at PES 5.

I will update soon this time.


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