Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Alrighty all ma peeps out there. Lol. Am new at this so stay with me. Anywho am Mark Henderson or Hendy to most of you. Ma pals are Lewis, Matthew, Craig, Katie and Halley. A like playin the PS2 and a challange anyone to a game of Burnout 3 (or Bounout 4) and playin footy and am a Celtic fan (MOAN THE HOOPS!!!). I will now tell u about ma pals. Lewis-He is majorly good on the PS2 and he is good for a game o footy. Matthew-He says he hates commonsence but is well good at footy AND HE IS GOIN OUT WITH HALLEY HAHA!!!!! Craig-He is very big and very scary but he is well sound and is also very good at footy. Katie-She is very very vey loud but she is very easy to talk to if u have a problem or somthing. Halley-She is Katies best pal and she is just like she exept quiet. And now, well thats it i will tell you if anything else happens go in ma life. Bye.